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I'm Jam. 21.
Insane earthling with a cat complex. Mow.

Weeps at tv shows, laughs at self and drools over women, wbu?

Noodles, passion fruit juice and warm brownies for lunch.

Uh perfect. 

Oh and I’m watching Game of Thrones. 

Today is a good day. 

Yeah but goise I have a doughnut with blueberry jam stuff in it :’)

Why does my body always decide it is a suitable time to make noises and decide it wan’t food at gone midnight? -sadfcae- 

I do not understand, seriously. My dad can’t cook at all. He has decided to cook mushroom lasange and bubble and squeak.

I’m sorry but on what fucking planet does lasange and bubble and squeak go together. I think I’m going to hurl. I can’t. Why?