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I'm Jam. 21.
Insane earthling with a cat complex. Mow.

Weeps at tv shows, laughs at self and drools over women, wbu?

Anonymous said: What is the wallpaper on your phone of?

Map of The Hndred Acre wood :3 haha

Anonymous said: What is your favorite pizza topping?

I tend to just throw a load of veg on, so like mushrooms, sweetcorn, pepper, onion, tomato :)

Anonymous said: Quick question boobs or doctor who?


Anonymous said: why did u hashtag money please in your post bout your boobs?

Well anon if you put two + two together you will realise that money = better boobs.

Anonymous said: Do you have/would you like a girlfriend? You're wonderful baby.

I do not have and one would be nice. Although I’m pretty hopeless at finding one, sigh. 

Please do not call me ‘baby’ but thanking you for the ‘you’re wonderful’. I’m not but thanks. 

Anonymous said: you have dimples in your shoulders, what the hell!

I do… they’re weird.

I also have them on my lower back and kind of my face if I smile in a certain way.

It funny because neither my mam or dad have any. Yay for hidden genes.

Anonymous said: Oh do tell your plans!


  • Tomorrow I’m meeting with my lovely wee Scottish friend in the city aka London.
  • Next week I’m going to le cinema and bowling with brobri.
  • That weekend is SITC. 
  • The week after I’m going to Manshizzle for a few days with my brobri.
  • The last week of this month is my friends birthday and she said to make sure I’m free, so we shall be doing something then.
  • Oh and there is Brighton Pride begging of Sept.
  • At some point I have to go out for the day with my mother (blergh).

That’s it really :3. I’m sure other plans will fall into place tho :3. 

Anonymous said: so r u gay or what?

It really shouldn’t matter if I am or not. No that does not mean yes, it means it doesn’t matter.

Anonymous said: are you leaving because its making you horny?

Pisssssssh, not in the slightest ;).

Anonymous said: Describe your best friend in 5 words ONLY!

This is hard because I don’t actually call anyone my best friend. I’ve only called someone that when I was like really young.

I have some top notch close friends. They’re all fab, weird, stupid(at times), wonderful and uhm grand.

Anonymous said: Fave celeb you follow on twitter...(like which celeb you follow does the best tweets)

I actually hardly follow any celebrities on twitter. I just have lists that I shove them in… haha.

However Gube is my favourite. Uh he’s just fab: @GUBLERNATION.

Perfect human!  

Anonymous said: The most played song on your itunes and or other music player?

Ha ha ha.
I bum this song so much.
Friends with Benefits.

Anonymous said: Fave hoodie you own?

Awh man. Uhm probably my glamour kills all one, or my Futureboy one :P