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I'm Jam. 21.
Insane earthling with a cat complex. Mow.

Weeps at tv shows, laughs at self and drools over women, wbu?

Anonymous said: How many you got now, also post your newest one?

I have 4, for now.
By that I mean I’m getting another soon, haha.

I shall post it :)

Anonymous said: Pic of hair?

uhm okay… 

I’ll take one on webcam :) 

Anonymous said: Oh right, that's pretty cool. I thought it was actually just some tribal based thing, it's nice that it has a meaning though.

Uhm thanking you.

Uh yes people say that and I’m just like noooooo.

Meaning are good, I don’t like pointless tattoos.

Anonymous said: I have seen like through some of your pics that you have a tattoo on your arm. What's it of like? I'm curious (:

I do indeed…
Here be a photo, poor quality I know but oh well.

It’s a Celtic knot heart, in shot basically my nan was Irish-Celtic and she always adored anything like this. She had a massive impact on me, so I go it like in memory of her. The inside heart is purple because that was her favourite colour. Uhm yep, that’s about all :).

Anonymous said: your mam stole your money for a cooker?

Yus… she decided that she wanted a new cooker because she was painting the kitchen. She then stole my money from my room/under my bed, that my nan gave me before she died… 

I still haven’t got that money back. It’s been 1 year and 4 months… kind of thinking I’m never going to get that money back :/. Gah.

Anonymous said: Stop saying your problems are real when they're not and grow up. Ah look you can't prove that you've been laid, seems you lie about that as well. I hope your lies eat you up, you deserve it. Goodbye.

Omfg, I literally do not understand how you manage to live.

Awwwh leaving so soon? You were starting to entertain me as well :(. Byeee, have a great life.

Anonymous said: Yea I am serious, your so called problems are bullshit and you know they are. Why don't you come clean and stop craving for attention. Come on, prove that you've been laid then, go on. I bet you can't, so stop lying to yourself.

Sorry but I can’t come clean from non-existing problems when they do exists. I have my problems and they’re mine, they shouldn’t need to be explained to someone like you. 

Omf what? You want me to prove that’s I’ve had sex? The fuck are you on? That’s not something people can prove, I’m not going to give you names of people I’ve had sex with, jfc. 

Anonymous said: You only posted that so people would feel sorry for you. Maybe I don't know you very well, but that's because you're too stuck up and don't let anyone help with your imaginary problems. Ha ha aha of course you've been laid, of course you have, keep telling yourself that. Btw I'm having a great night thanx.

Are you serious? I posted it because you put something in my ask, you expect me to just look at it and feel sorry for myself? Seriously?

So let me get this straight, I’m stuck up because I don’t let people help me? No. I’m not stuck up, I just don’t feel comfortable talking about sensitive issues to people, when in truth they can’t actually help anyway. 

I don’t need to tell myself have ‘I’ve been laid’, I have had sex and even if I hadn’t, there’s nothing wrong with that.

Well I’m most glad that you’re having a great night, because I am as well :). 

Anonymous said: I really don't understand how you have any friend, come on you're just some depressive wannabe, that whines about problems that are all made up. You need to grow the fuck up. You're friends probably don't even like you. Oh and you should do something about your face and weight because how on earth do you ever expect to get laid?

Oh well you’re quite the charmer aren’t you?

I have friends because I’m a nice person and I treat others with respect. 

Yes I know I whine and complain a lot, so what? Clearly you don’t know me at all if you think that my problems are ‘all made up’.

I think you’re the one that needs to ‘grow the fuck up’ because clearly you’re too much of a coward to say this off anon. 

Sure I’m not pretty and I don’t have great facial features and sure I’m not skinny and I’m overweight, but that has nothing to do with you. 

On the case of ‘how on earth do you ever expect to get laid?’ I have been. Uh the word laid is awful. I’ve done that stuff enough times. 

I hope you enjoyed spending time in my ask, writing what you did. Just remember that at the end of the day I’m not the low-life writing anonymous hate into someone’s ask box :). Have a good night!

Anonymous said: I never meant to upset you!

It wasn’t much of what you said more of the context of it. To me you were basically saying that I don’t deserve to have a good relationship because I’m not happy with myself. Frankly that’s not a very nice thing to say. Sure I’m not happy with myself, but there’s a hell of a lot of reasons behind that. It’s not just like I don’t like myself and that’s the end of it. I’ll explain better if you want to know but you know, saying something like that kind of make you believe it. 

Anonymous said: Well I do think you're weird but it's a good type of weird! :D

Well yay :D 

Anonymous said: Deal sounds like a plan... Although you don't know who this is, I could be some complete weirdo :')

Yay plans! 

Weirdo? Oh trust me I’d weird you out :P

Anonymous said: I meant I have no money ahaha <3

We can rob a bank ;)