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I'm Jam. 21.
Insane earthling with a cat complex. Mow.

Weeps at tv shows, laughs at self and drools over women, wbu?

Anonymous said: What piercing did you get this time?

I got my left conch done :).

Anonymous said: If it is so bad living with your dad then why don't you go back to your mums?

Oh… you must be new. 

I’m not going to explain why I can’t go back there but I can’t, okay? 

Anonymous said: *whispers* hastag someone's horny

Oh… I’m actually not though aha.

I’m just too lazy to sort out my room so re-blogging porn-y things seems like the best option :).

Anonymous said: I think you two should start dating, in a serious way because that would be nice.

Well I shall take your thought and then yeah…

Anonymous said: Um not to sound weird but when are you and H going to start dating?


I literally have no clue how to answer this so lets make a joke.

Shhh we don’t need to start dating, we’ve been dating for years. Awwh yeaaah!

Anonymous said: Things will get better, I've had the worse week this week but I'm sure next week will be fine. However long it lasts, know there will be a day when it get's better and you think "Wow, today's pretty damn good". 'Till then, keep going <3

I wish people would stop telling me that… I’ve heard it so many times over quite a few years and in my experience things just get worse. I haven’t gone a single full 24hours where I haven’t felt shit, I feel shit 99% of the time but I have means of how not to show that side of me. 

I’m sorry that you’ve has a bad week, I hope next week is glorious for you and wonderful things happen <3.

Anonymous said: You're beautiful & such a nice person omg really. You're having a bad day hun, don't let it get you down please<3 You deserve nothing but happiness! Stay strong and smile <3 x

Thanking you random kind person but I’m not beautiful at all, maybe nice but yeah. The thing is though I’m not having a day day… I’ve been having bad days constantly for the last g0d knows how long. Happiness isn’t high up on my to do list with all things considered, but thanking you anyway <3.

Anonymous said: Oh right :( so uh who do ya like?

I don’t understand your sad face or why you are asking but anyho…

I don’t actually like anyone at present, so yeah. 

Anonymous said: I meant like do ya like H like, like like her?

Too many likes in that sentence, omg.

I’ve know her for like 8 years… I mean I don’t like fancy her because we be brobros and yes. Even if I did, which I don’t I wouldn’t exactly say so because brocode and yes. 

To summarise, no. 

Anonymous said: do ya like H?

Aye, H is my brobri so uhm of course I like her o_O

Anonymous said: is it ok if i ship u two cos i do?

Omf. G0d bless you. 

Feel free to ship us, It’s all rad.

Anonymous said: do u and that girl H i think it is just spend all ur time together?

That is H you are correct :). 

Uhm not all our time, the majority of the time we leave the house/go out is because we are going somewhere/doing something together :). We is fab and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Anonymous said: whats the point of getting a tattoo behind ur ear when you cant see it?

If I want to get a tattoo , I can put it where I want. Also people get tattoo on their backs. You cant see that but people still do.