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I'm Jam. 21.
Insane earthling with a cat complex. Meow.

Weeps at tv shows and drools over women, wbu?


Today, well now yesterday was pretty cool. I did first aid training and it was by the guy who taught me first aid before.

This week has been quite draining, so not used to being up at 08:30 everyday. Looking forward to my lay in and the fact my dad isn’t home until Monday night is fab.

Uhm, yeah that’s pretty much it from me for today. I’ve hardly been blogging recently, I just can’t really be all that bothered. Sigh.

Ugh, last week my right wrist/hand was fucking up and now this week it’s my left wrist/hand. I sigh.
I should probably try to sleep cause I have emergency first aid training tomorrow. Gah, long.

I just had a really nice relaxing bath with like blue light and bubble and it was wonderful.

I’m going to continue being relaxed by getting into bed with a good good and some hot cocoa. 

On that note I bid you farewell.

My day has been spent watching 16 episodes of Criminal Minds, eating lolly pops and watching Doctor Who - Asylum of the Daleks. Shhh you wish you were me :). 

I’m going to Manchester tomorrow until Friday and uh excite.

  • I need to sort out my room
  • I need to pack
  • I need to go buy food 
  • I need to go buy alcohol

I do not plan on doing any of these things.

I’m just going to buy alcohol in Manchester or make my dad get me some from Asda when he goes later. 

I need to go Tesco and buy food and drink for the weekend. 

I also need to pack. 

I came to the conclusion of brining my blow up bed because comfort sleeping and yay.

I just need to decide what else to bring i.e. clothes and stuff.

Someone pack for me? I’ll pay you in food!

HAPPY NEWS. Not really news but kind of news and yay, I think.

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Noodles, passion fruit juice and warm brownies for lunch.

Uh perfect. 

Oh and I’m watching Game of Thrones. 

Today is a good day. 

Hahaha The other day I was on the phone to my mam and she was with my godmum and they were kind of talking about me whilst I was on the phone.

Then my godmum was like “have you got a boyfriend” to me and my mam kind of just laughed at her.

So I was all like “that’s not really my thing” and she was like silent, she knows I’ve been with guys but my mam after was probably like yeah she’s gay.

My mam tells everyone I’m gay but I’ve never straight up said “I think I’m/ I am gay” to her.

Hahaha ‘straight up’ oh.

In which I still need to tidy my room.

Yeah I mean I start sorting it out then the next day it’s a mess again.

This has been going on for a good few months.

I’m going to actually start sorting now and then once it is done… I can put posters and photos up. 

My lip for some weird reason has been aching all day long. I just took my studs out and now it feels way better. I might leave them out over night, usually I can leave them out for about 2/3days and they are fine :P.

I had my last day ever of college today woooo.

My sexy jacket came as well. It smells well nice.

My dad is buying me Chinese for my birthday even though it isn’t til next week. I circled like half of the menu, hahaha.
I think he’s decided to give me a Birthmonth because TT and money and food and I just SlamDunk and my dad is better than yours.  

Uhm what else can I say oh yeah my eyes are fucking up even more and siggggh!! D: 

If a pizza comes in a box,  I find it more conventional to then eat the pizza off the box it came in, rather than putting it on a plate. This applys to both non-takeaway and take away pizza. Anyone else? No… okay :c.